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Alvarez Private Investigators will be the investigative arm of your client’s team and we take the responsibility of representing you seriously by handling your client’s case in a professional and ethical manner. Each case and each attorney has specific requirements and some of the services we provide are as follows:


Criminal Defense Investigations / Drug Trafficking and Drug Smuggling Cases

During the initial years of Rob’s career, he was detailed to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Drug Enforcement Task Force in South Texas on the US/Mexican border. Rob worked alongside multiple federal,

state, and local law enforcement officers on multiple Organized Crime Enforcement Task Force cases (OCDETF) to investigate drug trafficking/smuggling cases. After Rob transferred to the Spokane office, he

conducted multiple cocaine, heroin & marijuana drug smuggling investigations in the Yakima/Pasco/Richland/Kennewick area that originated from Mexico into the United States. Later, Rob investigated smuggling of marijuana, also known as “BC bud,” from Canada into the United States.


Spanish Speaking Private Investigators for Witness Statements

Criminal investigations in drug trafficking/smuggling cases often require that statements be taken from Hispanic witnesses for whom English is a second language. Given the fact that witness statements must be precise in every detail in these cases the services of a bilingual Spanish speaking private investigator is needed. Regardless of where in Washington State or Idaho you need a witness statement taken in Spanish, Alvarez Private Investigations LLC will get the job done.



Alvarez Private Investigations LLC is your trial witness and document exhibit solution. Working closely with attorneys we will provide criminal defense formulation, evidence collection and preparation and trial

presentation. We have access to other specialty assignment and forensic sciences such as:

• Discovery File Review and Analysis

• Defendant Interview

• Crime Scene Review and Analysis

• Review and Examination of Physical Evidence

• Witness Interview

• Witness Background Check

• Alleged Victim Background Check

• Evidence Discovery

• Background Check of Expert Witness


Criminal Background Checks and Detailed Background Investigations

Know the background of a person. We will uncover the truth and Alvarez Private Invitations LLC has a background check designed to meet your needs. Each background check is unique and what may be relevant in one case is not in another. We know what information is possible to develop and how to provide an accurate, detailed report no matter where your subject resides. We also know that it is very important to consider who we are investigating when determining what type of background check you need and what records you expect us to find. The level of investigative depth you want to go into is nearly limitless.


Witness Locating/Interviews

A good interviewer will get the facts. A great interviewer will be able to build rapport, gather the information, ask appropriate follow-up questions, document verbatim statements and ascertain where deception might be taking place. This type of detailed witness interviewing can only come from someone who has years of experience. All interviews can also be conducted in Spanish.


Asset Location & Recovery

Follow the money and Alvarez Private Investigations LLC will be able to successfully trace money and property, uncover hidden assets and liabilities and provide information needed for seizing monies owed.


Mitigation Services

Research and investigation for mitigating criminal cases including:

• In-depth assessment of the defendant

• Complete family history report going back several generations

• Interviews with school administrators, counselors, family members, coworkers, friends and neighbors

• Mental health and medical history report

• Prior incarceration report/court and police records

• Reports of favorable roles within the family and community


Child Custody Investigations

These investigations can range from finding deadbeat dads or mothers and investigating where they work and what assets they have or verifying the lifestyle of a particular parent in a custody case. Each child custody case is unique and we can tailor to your particular needs.


Service of Process

Alvarez Private Investigations, LLC specializes in subpoena servicing for many sectors of business. Sometimes the subject is intentionally evading service and if your case has a deadline that needs to be met you will need

an experienced private investigator to track down the subject and get the legal papers to them. Your Service of Process will be treated like an investigation. They will be found and they will be served.


Immigration Related Investigations / Deportation Defense

Alvarez Private Investigations LLC has years of experience related to violations concerning U.S. Immigration laws. We are an expert in immigration cases and can provide valuable insight and perspective to the overall case analysis, strategy and trial preparation including:

• Work Visas (H-1B, O-1, L-1A, L-1B, J-1, R-1 visas)

• Family Petitions and Permanent Residency (I-130, I-751)

• Employment-based Permanent Residency (I-140, I-485)

• Naturalization Applications for US Citizenship (N-400)

• Domestic Violence and Victims of Crimes (I-360)

• Asylum Applications

• Visitor Visas (B1/B2)


• Adjustment of Status


Detailed Report Writing

All interviews and statements are clearly documented so that they may best be able to help your clients case. We also provide affidavits for due diligence and have years of experience testifying in court proceedings.

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