Alvarez Private Investigations, LLC was founded by Robert Alvarez to fulfill a need for quality, customer oriented investigations in the private sector of Washington and Idaho. Robert Alvarez is a retired Federal Criminal Investigator/Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Rob has 23 years of extensive experience in conducting sensitive long-term, complex criminal investigations of national and international scope concerning violations of US Immigration and US Customs law.

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New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM - Bachelor of Arts - Spanish, 1985

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM - Bachelor of Arts - Political Science, 1985

New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM - Associate of Arts - General Studies, 1982

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA - Government

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Private Investigators Association Of Idaho
Association of Former Customs Special Agents



During Rob’s 23 year career he served as a case agent for long-term, complex, and sensitive criminal investigations across national and international scope, including a variety of investigations concerning terrorism, counter-proliferation, human smuggling & trafficking, marriage, refugee, asylum, passport visa, naturalization fraud, drug smuggling, money laundering, arms export violations, criminal gang organizational & firearms, and commercial trade fraud.


Rob developed facts and evidence using investigative techniques including but not limited to interviewing, interrogation, telephone and toll analysis, purchase of evidence/information, physical and electronic surveillance; pen register, trap & trace, mail cover, suspicious activity, and review analysis. He cultivated sources of information, analyzed records, using technical investigative aids; worked undercover, developed, documented and used confidential informants and other confidential sources. He also served overseas at the US Embassy in Panama City, Panama and Tegucigalpa, Honduras.



While detailed to the Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force (INJTTF) for several years, Rob maintained a Top Secret Clearance. Prior to Federal Law enforcement, Rob was a US Army officer for 7 years, and was a Captain during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.


During Rob’s extensive law enforcement career he worked closely with the following agencies:

Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators
Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators
Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators

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