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 About Background Investigations_ 

Background investigations are more than searching criminal records. A comprehensive investigation includes verifying individuals and companies, passport and ID verification, public and government records search, employment and education verification, address verification, social media searches and reference checks.


This can be useful to an attorney so you know the background of a witness, plaintiff or defendant before you go to trial or know the background of the nanny or personal assistant before you hire them.


Businesses verifying the resume of a prospective employee or a new partner/investor. Involving your business with someone who has a false background can cost your company negative publicity or at worst a significant financial loss.


Are you concerned your significant other may have a criminal past or you want to know if the person you are about to date or marry is who they claim to be? Are you concerned that you may be involved in a romance scam? Alvarez Private Investigations, LLC can provide you with peace of mind with a dating background

check. Trust and verify so you can be safe.


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