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 Serving Washington State and Idaho 

Alvarez Private Security and Investigations LLC is a licensed and insured retired federal law enforcement company. With over 30 years of experience and located in Spokane, Washington, we understand that every circumstance is unique and we have the experience to tailor and apply security and investigative  strategies that will fit your situation and your business. Most importantly we understand that you may be dealing with a difficult situation so we are always professional and confidential.


We offer a full range of professional services including criminal defense, civil

investigation, background investigations, missing person, witness locating, money laundering, service of process, surveillance, infidelity investigations and much more.


Call us for a free, private consultation. Alvarez Private Investigations, LLC will take the time to understand your situation and recommend an appropriate strategy and we will always be upfront with our costs. Alvarez Private Investigations, LLC can be reached 24/7 at 509-808-9556.


Your situation is too important to trust to anybody else.







[ Security ]


Workplace Violence

Today’s workplace must prepare for the possibility of a hostile situation towards other workers or management, especially in events such as a firing, lay off, reduction in force or business closing. A troubled employee or employees can cause a disastrous situation for a company. Alvarez Security and Investigations can help mitigate an employee situation by providing risk assessment and threat evaluation. Some of the services often requested are armed or unarmed driver services, employee protection (armed or unarmed) and company asset protection.

[ Immigration Cases ]


Criminal immigration defense and administrative deportation defense,

support services for work visas, family petitions and permanent residency,

employment-based permanent residency, naturalization applications for U.S. citizenship, asylum and visitor visas.

[ Domestic Affairs ]


We can help you avoid fraud, theft, and other types of criminal problems in your own home. This form of investigation can help you safeguard your family.


[ Commercial Security

Guard Services ]


Head off expensive loss by protecting valuable company assets from loss prevention, vandalism and robbery. 24 hour security available and ability to respond to an emergency situation.


[ Executive Protection ]


Personal protection for employees or VIP’s who may be exposed to elevated risk based on their high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

[ Criminal Defense

Drug Trafficing

& Smuggling Cases ]


Alvarez PI, LLC will undertake several investigation techniques in order to find the necessary evidence for your case.

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


We can and will find out if false claims are being submitted. Don't let your insurance premiums be a waste of money. Use Alvarez PI, LLC to safeguard your insurance privileges.

[ Missing Persons ]


We will start looking for someone as soon as you feel uneasy and will continue to search as long as you are still looking for answers.

[ Surveillance ]


If you need to catch a thief in the act, find and confirm the whereabouts of a missing person or prove a worker’s compensation claim is false, Alvarez PI, LLC is here to help.

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